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Wafer-Level Micro Optics

Many applications have in common that they demand joint integration of planar two-dimensional (2D) building blocks with three-dimensional (3D) objects such as photonic wire bonds, microlenses, or blazed gratings.

3D lithography based on two-photon absorption shows promising perspectives to enable such configurations, thereby serving applications in areas ranging from photonic communications and teratronics to optical metrology and large-scale biosensing. 

High quality lens
Lens with support structures


Photonic Multi-Chip Integration

Our multi-chip concept bases on photonic wire bonds that are used to connect integrated photonic circuits across chip boundaries.

The concept exploits direct-write multi-photon lithography for in-situ fabrication of three-dimensional freeform waveguides, thereby making high-precision alignment of the optical chips obsolete.

Chip-to-chip interconnect
Fiber-to-chip interconnect
Laser-to-chip interconnect


Concept of photonic multi-chip integration